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Whether you want to experience the thrill of skydiving one time or you think skydiving may be for you and you want to come out and learn to skydive for yourself, we have a training program that is a custom fit for you. Come for the weekend. Come for the summer. Come for the day. We’d love to see you.

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Locations & Directions

Ground School

The First Jump Course is held at the drop zone (see below for directions).

Drop Zone Location

4km North on Highway 1, on Highway 301.
Moose Jaw Municipal Airport – RM 161
N 50° 26.092 – W 105° 23.431  UTC -6
Land Location: SE1/4 16-17-25-West of the 2nd
Elevation: 1896 feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is their a weight restriction?

Skydiving is an active sport, and you need to be in reasonable physical condition to enjoy it. The maximum weight for a Tandem or IAD is 230 lbs. On the day of the jump, you may be asked to step on a scale to verify you are within weight restrictions. If you have any doubts that you are above the approved weight limit, you should cancel your jump within the allowed 24 hour period, or you will risk losing your payment. If you know of any ailments or previous injuries that might affect the skydive, you must consult a physician and bring a note from that physician in order to jump. No one with previous back or neck injuries will be allowed to jump without a doctor’s note.

Is there an age limitation?

The minimum age is 18 years. This is because minors can not sign the legal documents required. There is no upper limit, as long as you are in good physical condition. We do require a physician’s approval if you are over 65.

Who Owns Skydive South Sask?

Skydive South Sask is a non-profit organization. You can view our bylaws here.

How do I get into the 1st jump course?

The quickest way to sign up is click here to sign up online. If you have any questions you can call the jump phone at (306)569-JUMP and book your course with one of our instructors or leave a message on the machine for one of our instructors to call you back to make arrangements on available courses. Gift Certificates are available by calling the jumpline as well.

Do I have to do a Tandem jump for my 1st jump?

No. We offer solo, tandem, and PFF first jump courses. The choice is yours.

Do we jump at the Regina Airport?

No. The dropzone is located at Moose Jaw Municipal Airport. You will go to the MJ Airport at 8:30am on Saturday following the course. There you will receive some further briefing and then you will make your jump.

Can I jump more than once on my first day?

Yes. We encourage you to do a few jumps on your first day out with us if you are up to it. We find that people typically find the second or third jump more enjoyable because it is no longer fear of the unknown. They are more relaxed and can enjoy the canopy time more.

How high do we jump from?

IAD first jumps are from 3,500 feet and Tandems are from 7,500 or 10,500 feet.

How long will my jump take?

For a Tandem Skydive, plan on at least half a day; for the first IAD jump, plan on an all-day adventure… it may not take that long for your jump, but it’s better to be prepared. And don’t make any time constraint plans for the evening; this just causes frustration if we have any delays. PFF is all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Keep in mind that in this sports safety is our priority – not time!

Should I eat something?

We don’t recommend jumping on an empty stomach, nor do we recommend jumping with a really full stomach. So eat something light.

Can I bring family/friends to watch?

Please do! The more people the better. It makes it fun for us when people come and enjoy themselves. Children are welcome, but please remember, this is an airport and children must be carefully watched.

Can we stay overnight?

There is plenty of camping space available. However, there are no power hookups.

Can I drink alcohol prior to my jump?

This is a definite NO! We strictly adhere to Transport Canada regulations and do not allow alcohol or drugs anywhere on the premises while we are under operation.

Can I wear my own camera like a Gopro?

No. Every skydiver must have at least 200 jumps before they are eligible to wear a camera. Cameras are a distraction and when you are not experienced enough; it can be extremely dangerous to wear it, not only for you, but also for your instructor.

Where is the 1st jump course held?

The first jump course is held at the drop zone. Tandem courses are held at the dropzone on the day of the jump.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

In order to cancel a booking and receive a refund, you must provide 48 hours notice.

When are the the courses and how long do they take?

First Jump Courses are held on Friday evenings at 6:30 pm on specific dates (check our online registration for available dates) at the drop zone. The first jump course lasts approximately 4 hours depending on the students and the questions that come up in the class. Note: Courses start promptly so make sure you are there a little before 6:30 pm.

How much does the next jumps cost?

$75 is the cost of the next few jumps after your first. See the price schedule for more information on the breakdown of the costs.

Do I open my own parachute?

IAD stands for Instructor Assisted Deployment. This means that the instructor who is along with you on the plane will be releasing your pilot chute. This pilot chute in turn will be opening up your container allowing the main parachute to open.

What should I bring?

We’ll provide everything you will need for your jump: jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, etc.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable and sports-like. We don’t recommend jeans or belts… something comfortable you would wear to exercise outside – or just whatever you bum around the house in. Definitely wear running shoes. No boots or sandles. Finger Toe shoes are NOT acceptable. Toes can individually bend back when landing.

Can we bring a lunch?

We encourage you to bring a lunch or snacks, or you can purchase food in Moose Jaw, about 10 minutes from the dropzone. We have a vending machine for soft drinks or water and a gas barbeque that you can use to cook any food you bring.

What do I do after the day is done?

We often have barbeques on the weekends and enjoy some of the day’s videos. This is a time for everyone to relax and have a cold one…and talk about the most exciting thing they’ve ever done! We enjoy your company, so feel free to stay.


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